Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Alaska #7

I only have one more Alaska post after this one so bare with me.  Even though we did see a mamma moose and babies earlier in the trip we wanted to see more.  So we went to Kincaid park and walked around for almost an hour with no luck.  We saw moose tracks, moose poop, and managed to loose each other, but no animals.  It is a huge park so after we found my dad we decided to drive around the park and we saw this beauty right by the side of the road.  We were very close and just sat and watched her eat for a few minutes.  She really devoured the trees quickly.
On the last day in Alaska we headed up to the wildlife conservation center to see more animals.  It was fun to see them, but the whole place was a bit smaller than I pictured.  It was sort of like a small zoo with native Alaskan animals.
 I just love how every view has the mountains in the background.

We finally saw some bears.  It was probably for the best that they were in the center when we saw them and not in the woods.  

Once again the views were amazing!  We stopped off on the side of the road a few times to take more pictures.

We did a couple more things that I'll post about tomorrow, then on the way back to my brother's house we stopped by the temple.  It was small and pretty.

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Mary-Anne said...

Wow! Gorgeous pics of that lake!