Thursday, June 25, 2015

Alaska #8

One of my Alaska bucket list items was to go see a glacier.  So we took a cruise boat to see the Portage glacier.
While on the boat they explained all about glaciers.  Then we got to the glacier in about 10 mintues and just circled back and for next to it for a while.  It was interesting and cold.  I was freezing up on top of the boat.  But the glacier was really big and very pretty.  We could see chunks of it in the water around us.  And they even had a chunk of it on the boat for us to feel.

The cruise was neat but I really wanted see a glacier up close.  There was a nearby easy hike to a glacier so we checked it out.
It turned out to be really fun to actually climb up on the glacier and run around.  We even attempted a few snow balls.  The glacier was very dirty close up.
This next picture is from the bottom of the glacier.  As it melted the water ran under it into a stream.
Our next stop was Whittier.  It is just this tiny little town, but you have to drive through a mountain to get to it.
Driving through the Anton Anderson Memorial Tunnel was kind of cool.  It is only one lane, not one lane each way just one lane, and it is on top of a train track.  So on the way back we had to wait our turn to go.  On the first way through we weren't behind any cars so we just were hoping that it was our turn to go and that we wouldn't run into any oncoming traffic, or worse a train.  It is the longest rail and highway tunnel in North America.  I filmed the whole thing.  Its probably a little boring but watch it if you are curious.

There were a couple tiny gift shops and stores in the town that we checked out.  The place is so small that the entire population lives in one apartment complex.  I think they said the population ranged from about 50 to 300 depending on the time of the year.
Late that night we flew home from Alaska.  Our flight left at about midnight and went through the night.  Just after take off we would see the sun setting above the clouds.  It was a neat sight and something I don't thing I've ever seen before.  

I had a great trip and and really  happy that I got to go.  Thanks to Bob for watching the kids, and my brother's family for letting us stay with him and my parents and sister for coming with us.

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Larissa T. said...

Oh this is so cool! Thanks for sharing!

I've always wanted to go to Alaska, and I just finished a geology class in which glaciers were talked about a lot, so this kind of helped to make it a bit more realistic!

Hope you are/had fun!