Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Training Wheels

We've been spending a lot of time outside lately riding bikes.  The only problem is that Scarlett is ready and big enough for Penelope's bike, but Penelope hasn't moved on to a bigger one yet.  Bob and I think she is ready for no training wheels but she isn't sure.  So we put her in gear and tried it out a couple times.  She did ok, lots of "please don't let go."  She could balance ok for a couple seconds but that was it.  She can be very timid and I know that if we let go and she falls she will not try again...probably ever.  So we are taking our time.  Hopefully she will get it soon though because Scarlett really wants Penelope's purple bike with the training wheels.
I thought she looked really cute with her pads and princes clothes on and wanted to take a picture.  She was a good sport about letting Scarlett ride her bike and even helped her.

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