Monday, November 30, 2015

San Diego Condo

This last month we have been in San Diego for work and I wanted to share pictures of where we were staying.  We actually are in a different place now, but I wanted to share this one for anyone curious and our own memories sake.

The first pic is of what you would see when you open our door.  Immediately to the right is the bathroom, then a small closet, then the opening to my room.  ON the left you can see the washer/dryer, a closet, the door to the master room.  Straight ahead is the family foom.
Just a nice basic bathroom.
Below you can see my room, it doesn't have a door and is up a couple steps.  It also doesn't have complete walls.  The art was interesting.
My room from the other angle.  It was kind of hard living here because bob worked a graveyard shift and tried to sleep in this room all day.  The curtain and wide opening didn't do much to block out the family noise.
Just on the other side of the curtain and at the end of the hall was our living space.  Family room and kitchen all in one.
Other angle.
Our balcony was nice.
And the view of the pool.  We got a lot of use out of the pool.  I sat in the hot tub a lot :)
Next is the kids room.  It is actually the master, but I knew putting them in the open room was never going to work.  I needed to be able to put them in bed and shut the door.   Plus this bed was bigger which was great because three kids shared it.  It was impossible to get them to go to sleep at the same time.  So every night I had to put two kids in my bed and two in here until they went to sleep.  Ignore the artwork, I hid it under the bed the whole time we lived there.
Leon's room, aka the master closet.
And the master bathroom, this picture totally scared the kids.
We had the only kids in the building and we were warned that if we were loud and got complaints we might have to pay a fine.  That was stressfull!!  We were just south of Balboa park right in downtown San Diego.  I don't think many families live there.  It was fun to be close to everything and there was a tiny park across the street that was a lifesaver!

Parking was a nightmare though.  We had one spot in the garage what was a super tiny fit for our flex.  I usually had to find a spot on the street so Bob could park in the garage when he came home in the wee hours of the morning when there were absolutely no spots left on the street.  I even got two undeserved parking tickets!

Overall it was a very nice clean apartment, just not a great fit for our family.  We did know what we were getting into, it was just as described on the internet.  We booked this two weeks before we came and there were very few options on the government budget.  

I'll post about our new place soon.

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Krista Kiley said...

Beautiful view! Thanks for sharing!!