Sunday, December 20, 2015

Watch What I'm Wearing

I got this shirt at this little discount clothing store I found.  Think Ross's leftovers.  The didn't have any dressing rooms or mirrors but everything was super cheap.  So you can picture me and my four kids at the store I'm trying clothes on in a crowded isle over my current clothes. Tucker holding my phone at the right angle so I can try to see what it looks like while the other kids run around and hide in the clothing racks.  It was tons of fun! Totally worth it, I got a few great shirts.
Shirt: Can't remember the name of the store but it was only $12   Shoes: Sears   Camera Bag: JoTotes

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Amy Johnson said...

Such a cute look!

Sister Swift said...
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Vale ♥ said...

Love your shirt, perfect casual look !

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ElleSpann said...

what a chic and casual look!! Those turned down booties are the perfect accessory!
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