Sunday, January 17, 2016

Watch What I'm Wearing

The outfit was very simple but I really liked it.  I like the look of the thick grey tights and the black booties.  I also added two necklaces to add a little interest to the outfit.

Dress: Ross  Shoes: JC Penny?  Socks: Japan
I had a couple kids who wanted outfit pictures this week too.  I love Tucker's CTR tie.  He looks too old with his rolled up sleeves, spiked hair, and Minecraft belt.
Penelope was absolutely adorable with her silver bow, matching skirt, and red sparkly shoes.  She loves these shoes and wants to wear them as much as possible.
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ElleSpann said...

my favorite looks are often times the simplest! yours is perfection!
Southern Elle Style

Krista Kiley said...

So adorable!! Love their looks. Yours too!

- xox Mary