Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Potato Chip Rock take 2

After hiking potato chip rock with the family I got home and realized I wasn't happy with the pictures.  Go here to see the post.  I think most normal people would just say oh well and move on.  I tried but I couldn't seem to let it go.  The kids did not want to hike it again and I couldn't take pictures of myself, so I went with a friend.  

This time we went earlier in the morning and on a weekday so it wouldn't be crowded.  There were still about 10 other people hanging around the rock but it wasn't nearly as bad as last time.  We hiked it much faster and it wasn't as cold either.  The hard part was that Bob wasn't there to help me get up.  I had to ask a stranger.  I think I could have done it on my own, but there was a chance I would have fallen into the crack and hurt myself.  I felt much more comfortable with someone there in case I fell. Once on the rock I was fine.  There is just this tricky spot you have to get past to get on the main rock in all the pictures.

Speaking of pictures I do like how these ones turned out!  Thanks, Kim for taking them and coming with me.

This next one was by far my scariest pose.  The rock angles down a little near the edge and I did not feel comfortable hanging my feet off it.  You can tell I'm trying to lean back in the picture.
I felt comfortable walking around on the top.  While up there it just looks like a regular rock.  I didn't think about how thin and high it was.  I read online that someday it will break.  That scared me too, but once again I didn't think about it while up there.

Kim and I haven't spent time together since in high school and even then we really saw each other more in junior high.  I love getting to hang out with her and her family while in SanDiego!  It was just like old times.


Sarah said...

Those pictures are cool! The first two I stared at for a while and was like what?! How on earth did she do that?! Until I scrolled down and could see the other pictures and realize you were laying on the rock :)

Foxy's Domestic Side said...

How fun are these?! And it's in SD, I will have to check it out, semi close to wear I live :) Although knowing that it might break off sort of scares me. How long did it take you to hike there? How steep was it?