Friday, May 20, 2016

No Sew Unicorn Costume DIY

Scarlett wanted a unicorn birthday party so I thought she needed a unicorn costume to go with it!  It was so easy and turned out really cute!

This DIY costume was so easy anyone could do it!  It didn't take long at all and I didn't even need to sew anything.
All I did was buy a white sweatshirt and leggings.  Then I glued a big pink felt oval on the chest.  The horn was the hardest part.  I stuffed a white triangle felt piece and rolled it up into the horn shape.  I then put a felt on the bottom, wrapped it with gold string and hot glued it on.  The ears are more glued on felt.  The main and tail are probably the coolest part and to make those I just wrapped the string around a very small pillow twenty times. Cut the ends, tied it together in the middle to form a clump and hot glued that on.  I repeated that about 15 times for the main.  The tail is just a larger version on the same thing but safety pinned on.  There is another tutorial online that goes into more detail, so search on pinterest for that if you need more explanation.

I gave Scarlett the costume as one of her birthday presents before her friends party.  

On the day of her birthday I told her she could wear whatever she wanted.  She chose to wear an Elsa dress.  She wore it to the library story time and all around the house.  

This next picture was really funny to me.  Right when she opened the card she was so excited there was a check in it.  She has very little understanding of money and we always just stick the money into her savings account.  But sometime she has switched from just ignoring checks and money to knowing that it is something that she really wants.

This snow globe was probably one of her favorite presents.  I got it for 25 cents at a garage sale.
I let her choose the meals all day on her birthday and we had pancakes for breakfast, macaroni and cheese for lunch, and chicken nuggets for dinner.  Scarlett thought it was great!

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