Tuesday, November 29, 2016

San Fransisco Tour

Before I post about Thanksgiving I want to finish sharing about our San Fransisco trip.    We started the morning out with a free walking tour.  They have tons of these all over the city.  I'd love to do more but we only had one day.  Even that one tour the kids thought was boring and so Bob and I were getting stressed with keeping them quiet.
After about an hour of the walking tour we went up to the top of this parking garage that had a great view.  The kids had enough though so we quietly left the tour and walked back to the car.
Our next stop was Lombard St.  I've seen it on tv and was excited to visit it.  Man, it was crowded!
We first drove down it, then parked at the bottom and walked up and down it.
There were some pretty houses along it.  Although with all the tourists I would never want to live there.
I read online that Lombard St. is not actually the steepest street.  We found the steepest street and drove down it a couple times.  It doesn't curve but goes straight down.  It was pretty steep!  Some of the kids were crying and scared the first time we went down it.  Tucker and Leon were particularly getting upset about it.  Everyone else thought it was fun.
Selfie on Lombard St.
It was so steep walking back to the car the kids felt the need to stop and do pushups.
Another thing I really wanted to see in San Fransisco were these painted ladies.  We sat and ate lunch in the field across the street.  It was a nice lunch picnic.  Leon dropped his orange though and it quickly started rolling down the hill.  Bob ran and was able to catch it just before it got to our car.  Tucker thought that he should follow suit and roll down the hill himself.

More San Fransisco to come!

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