Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Spokane Trip

We haven't seen my sister and her family for a while so we spent the long weekend visiting her in Spokane.  It is so cold there!  Much colder than we are used to on the other side of the state.  We even got into the negative degrees, which is probably the coldest temperatures most of my children have ever experienced.
I love the icicles!  We used to see them a lot when we lived in Rexburg, but it has been a long time since I've seen this much snow.
I wish I took more pictures but I forgot.  One night we went sledding which was really fun.  I just watched, we went to the same place my brother broke his back and I didn't feel like risking it.  I think the sledding was just as good as when we went to Mount Rainier but without the lines.
Check out my sister's car.
We never really get snow like this and I miss it!  I think it is so beautiful and it makes everything quiet outside.
This next picture is random but we went to costco and I bought this frozen yogurt maker.  I've used it a few times already and it is so easy.  I'm going to try to eat this for now on instead of ice cream.
I was so cold here!

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The Abel family said...

It was so fun to have you all visit! It was cold and snowy for sure! We just received over 7" more in the last day. It is crazy even for over here. Come visit again when you have had a chance to thaw out :)