Thursday, June 1, 2017

One Month

Adjusting to having a baby in our family again has been hard.  With a four year gap I sometimes feel like I forgot how to take care of a newborn.  Calista is also a little bit more difficult of a baby, mainly because she wants to be held all the time, but we are getting used to things.  Once Bob went back to work last week we were kind of forced to get back into a routine.  It was nice to have a month with Bob home and I was dreading him going back.  He was great at doing what needed to be done around the house and with the older kids so I could spend almost all of my time taking care of Calista.  I'm pretty exhausted taking care of 5 kids everyday but we always make it through the day.  I just keep reminding myself that things will get easier.  Meanwhile I get to take lots of pictures of sweet Calista.

These aren't posed picture, but more just everyday life with a newborn pictures that I took on my cell phone.
I cannot get enough of a sleeping baby.  She just looks so peaceful when sleeping.  I love it.
If you follow me on instagram you've seen some of these already.

Baby smiles!  She almost always smiles with her eyes closed.  It is sooo cute!

She really wears us out.
Apparently she loves the quadrocopter.

More and more often her hair is looking red.

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Talitha said...

maybe her hair will be two toned blonde in the front and red in the back.... hummm