Sunday, December 21, 2008

Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow!!

Because the roads were so icy Bob got out of work 2 hours early on Thursday and on Friday he had a 2 hour late start. We only had about two inches but it froze so people were having a hard time driving. It started snowing heavily last night so we decided we wanted to go buy a sled. We went to walgreens, walmart, toys r us, big 5 sporting goods, and sportsmans wearhouse and nobody had any sleds. Everyone was either out, or didn't even carry them in the first place. So we had to make due with our boogy board we got for when we went to the beach over the summer. Anyway when we woke up this morning we had about 6 inches of snow and it has been steadily snowing all day. We are having lots of fun playing in it. Because it was so cold in Rexburg we never really whent out in the snow. This is Tuckers first time actually playing in the snow. I was worried we wouldn't get any snow this year, but I am really glad we did.


Martin said...

You are too adorable.

I will have to bust some heads at Walgreens and get more sleds out there.

Happy birthday/Christmas.


Maria Ash said...

Your family has so much fun! Your snowman looks great!