Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend

We wanted to get a jump start on all of the Easter fun, so we went down to Puyallup after Bob got home from work on Friday. We ate pizza and played boggle with caleb. Later the Abel's arrived and Tucker got to play with some of his cousins. On Saturday Isaac let me take tons of pictures of him for the graduation announcements I am making for him. I love taking pictures of people, I just wish it wasn't so wet outside every time we try to do it.
Later we went to Caleb's marching band concert, and fortunately we didn't get too wet.

Here Tucker is, decorating Easter eggs with some of his cousins.
Later that afternoon Tucker got to search for some of the same eggs in an Easter egg hunt. We did an adult one first, which was really fun for everyone who didn't get knocked down. Ha ha, just kidding. Then the kids got to do one, and there was tons of candy and other prizes for them.

We had a big Easter dinner and on Sunday we all went to church together, it was a great weekend.

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Mary-Anne said...

Wow! I didn't realize just how much candy Tucker got!! It was good to see you guys!