Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I have been working on getting the baby's room ready and the first thing I finished is the dresser/changing table.Here is what it use to look like (we bought it from someone in Rexburg for only $50, a great deal).

And here is the finished product! I like how it turned out.

Here are just some recent pictures of Tucker. He looks so much bigger than he did just a few months ago. And he has been adding real words to his vocabulary everyday.

These are some lilacs I picked out of our front yard. We have about 6 lilac trees, they smell wonderfuly.


The Carneys said...

Oh my goodness! Good job on the dresser! It's SO cute!! and WOW...Tucker is getting SO BIG!!

Mary-Anne said...

Good job on the dresser! It is adorable!! It would be so fun getting ready for a baby girl, I hope I have at least one girl!! :) You are so lucky that you are going to have one of each!!