Thursday, May 14, 2009

Superhero of the Week

Bob won the Superhero/Employee of the week award at his work! He was chosen out of his branch witch includes about 75 people, which is pretty neat. He gets a free candy bar and a pop, and they put a Captain American action figure on his desk for the week. Here is a copy of the e-mail they sent out to everyone.

And our C/2310 Great American – Superhero (Zeus) of the Week goes to:

Bob Woestman....

Bob has quickly responded to assignments preparing Job Summaries, ordering material, and writing TGIs in support of the Nucleonics HEPA filter change-out and DOP testing for the 72A, the U91, and the U92 projects. He has also completed the second in a series of four Nuclear Standing Instructions for RC non-filtered ventilation systems and has been supporting RADVAC issues as well. Transcending all of this chaos, Bob maintains a great attitude while responding to changing priorities and continues to meet/beat the scheduled due dates.



Kelsie said...

Congrats Bob! And congratulations on the news about the baby!

Swift family said...

Congrats--we always knew you were a SUPERHERO!