Sunday, May 31, 2009

Hey Everyone. So Tucker and I went to our first "Father and Son Campout". It was a lot of fun. We drove along with Nate Suggs and Garrett Barney, they are from our church. They each have one son. We stayed in Long houses, and as you can see in the picture below, they do not look very comfortable. But I guess it beats having to try to put a tent up by myself with the little buddy trying to run into the fire. We had tin foil dinners the first night we were there, along with smore's.

Tucker loved following around the flashlight, and using the broom to clean the dirt ground. I don't think he understood that dirt is supposed to be dirty. We got a wonderful 5 and a half hours of sleep. But don't worry, it wasn't consecutive, Tucker woke up asking for his mommy almost every hour. He has a rough time when he sleeps in a new place. But I wouldn't blame all the times I woke up on Tucker. There were some loud snorers in the vacenity of where Tucker and I were sleeping. We got to bed just before midnight, and woke up around 5:30. Bright and Early. We ate breakfast, which was more smore's and poptarts. Here he is cooking his marshmellow, and drinking one of the five bottles of Kool-Aid, he almost threw up from all the Kool-Aid.And then headed out to the lake to go on the paddle boat. Tucker was soo excited to go on the boat, until he found out he needed to wear a life jacket, then he threw a fit. I had to sit in the paddle boat, with him on the dock for 15 minutes before he finally calmed down a little. Then I hurried and grabbed him, put him in the seat next to me, and headed off to the middle of the lake. He screamed for the first 5 seconds, then he realized what was happening and became excited again. After paddle boating we went to the archery range. Tucker did not hit a bull's eye, but he did hit me with the bow a couple times. Notice I said bow, and not arrow, Luckily. Then we headed off toward home, but not without stopping to eat lunch at McD's. Mmmm McDouble's, Tucker loves McDoubles.


Sarah said...

That is so cute that you guys went on the father son outing. Today in church they announced our Stake's father and son outing in a few weeks and Danny just laughed at the thought of taking Jackson... but now that you did it with Tucker I bet he will want to do it. You are a brave man Bob!

Danny said...

I'm so inspired

Stacey said...

I typed in my brother's name to find his blog and found yours Bobby! Such a cute family! Stacey