Sunday, January 17, 2010

New Car!!

Check out our new car!

Ok, just kidding. But it feels like a new car because it hasn't been cleaned in a really long time. Bob actually took the front seats out and everything. It hasn't been done since before Tucker was born and it really needed it. It was gross seeing everything that fell in the cracks over the years. I would like a new car for real. I want a mid-size suv with at least 7 seats. Maybe someday. Our car that we have now works fine so we don't technically need it. Even though more space would be nice.

I feel like I haven't blogged in a while. Which makes sense because not too much has really been going on. A couple weeks ago I was called to be in the Primary Presidency so I am no longer teaching one specific class. It was a big change because the previous president had been in for 5 years! Right now we are just trying to get organized, but I think it is going to be really fun.

Last night Bob and I got to go out on a date! Thanks to Uncle Bill who gave us the Outback gift card and the Derr's for babysitting. We had a great time, and ate way too much. It's funny how whenever Bob and I get a chance to be alone we spend half the time talking about the kids.

How could we not when they are so adorable?

She always has to be sucking on something. She will take either her fingers or her pacifier. Her you can she she is going for both.

Bob calls this pic her mug shot.

Penelope has been doing really well lately. She is getting on a scheduel where she takes one morning and one afternoon nap. And some nights I only have to feed her twice instead of three times. When she hits 6 months I am not going to feed her at night anymore, so I am hoping she will do it on her own before then.

Tucker has been doing really well too. But for some reason this past week he has become very very loud. It seems like he just runs around the house screaming and punching all day. On the upside he hasn't had any "accidents in a while."

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