Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Super Why

On Monday we went to toys 'r' us kind of for a family night, and also because we had gift cards for the kids to spend. After about and hour and a half of walking around the store try to figure out which toys the kids would like and play with the most (Tucker wanted everything, so we had to pick for him) we settled on one outfit for Tucker, a toy motercycle, a Super Why doll and notepad. If you've never heard of Super why it is a cartoon on TV where the characters are all super heros who have reading related powers. For Penelope we got two pairs of shoes (they are sooo cute), two more pacifiers, and a rattle type toy. When we got home Tucker really seemed to like his Super Why doll, he played for about a half an hour before we made him go to bed. He was upset like usual so we told him he could play with it tomorrow.

The next morning when Tucker woke up the first thing he says is 'Daddy home?' this is what he says every morning (it is obvious who his favorite parent is). I told him no, but instead of crying like he usually does he goes 'Super Why home?' I told him yes and he ran down stairs and started playing.

It amazes me how well he can remember things after a nights sleep, especially when he sometimes forgets things like going potty.


Penny said...

I must congratulate you on the names of your children. I came across your blog when I did a search on my name.

Penelope T

Lorraine Butler said...

Sophie, the 3-year-old in our family, loves Super Why, too. I had never heard of it, but it's fun to watch and listen to when she's here.