Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year!!

Now that I have had a house for over a year, I'm not pregnant, and Penelope is 3 months old I don't have any more excuses and I need to get my year supply of food storage. It is a new year and so it is the perfect time to start. I already have a cannery appointment and I am going to first start working on getting water and my three months supply. There is this website i am using called and it is going to email me something to do every two weeks for this whole year. Then when the year is over I should have my year food storage. Sounds easy right? Well, we will see.

Elder Richard L. Evans gave wonderful counsel several years ago:

We must have faith in the future regardless of ultimate eventualities. There could be no greater calamity in this world than the calamity of sitting down and waiting for calamity. We must not let the things which we can't do keep us from doing the things we can do....The future will always be better for those who are best prepared (Church News, June 25, 1988, p.2).


Sara said...

Thanks for posting this website! I never seen it before and it seems really easy and doable. I am going to try it too!

Tianna said...

I am sure you will have no problem with your food storage. Don't forget to stock up on those good deals that you use everyday. This is a quick, easy and inexpensive way to get your food storage. Even better it has saved me a fortune over the years.

Lorraine Butler said...

Thanks for the inspiration!

DerrK said...

This is the website that helped me get started. I grabbed in my family and we started a few months back and have already slipped a bit, but the email reminders are great. Good Luck!