Tuesday, February 16, 2010

So I posted some pictures of Valentine's day but I didn't tell you anything about what we did. For starters I got Bob a tie and he got me a beautiful necklace from Fred Meyer Jewelers.
We also both got each other candy and a card. Tucker and Penelope got a stuffed animal and candy and heart pencils. Tucker loved the candy and didn't care very much about the rest of it. Penelope didn't care at all. Earlier in the week I helped Tucker make Valentine cards for both Daddy and Penelope. It was fun. Tucker loves cutting paper and gluing things. For dinner I made salad, stuffed avocados, and steak. The steak was good, the avocados were ok and the salad was normal. Overall it was good, but I ate way more than I am used too and was completely stuffed by the end.

After we put the kids in bed Bob and I ate a heart shaped brownie dessert and had sparkling cider. I got the recipe from my Sister-in-law off of her blog. It was good. We were able to spend some time together and stay up late talking because Bob didn't have to go to work Monday. I hand another great V-day with Bob.

Bob brought this sticker home from work and thought it was hilarious when Tucker put it on himself.

Tucker loves sprinkles!

As far as training for the half-marathon goes we kinda took a break. I don't want to take the kids out in the stroller unless it is at least 50 degrees. Even if we bundle them up I worry about them because they are just sitting there so they don't get as warm as I do running. I also found out that since it is not until August we don't have to stress about it too much yet. So for now we are just going to run when we can. I am going to post all of our times on the side of the blog.

Also you might have noticed a new music player has been added to the blog. I know it takes forever to load but all of the songs are Bob's. Except for 'You and Me' and 'Sweetest Girl' those are both covers. 'You and Me' by Lifehouse is the song we danced to at our wedding reception. It is also the first song he played for me on the guitar, so it has special meaning to me.


DerrK said...

I started going to the exercise class being held at the church. I get my running fix in too. Leighton is trying to fit in with a couple boys, they don't want to play with him. LOL

Anna said...

so i was reading about your heart shaped brownie and was like... that sounds yummy, whos blog is that on?? then i clicked on it and it was mine!!!! HAHAHA!!