Friday, February 19, 2010

Sun Sun Sun!

The weather has been so beautiful the past couple of days. And to make it even better Bob has been working swing shift so he hasn't had to go into work until about 1:30. We have been out on the trampoline almost everyday. I can't wait for it to be summer so we can do this all the time. I love the fact that we actually have grass in our yard this year! It's only about 60 but it feels nice and warm when the sun is shining on you.

Tucker loves the trampoline!

I learned how to do a flip a long time ago because my neighbors growing up had a trampoline. Yesterday was the first time I did one in a long time though. We did have the trampoline last summer but I was all but forbidden from Bob because of the pregnancy. And yes, I am wearing shorts. That just how nice it is.

Bob never jumped on a trampoline growing up so he has been working a lot, mostly over the summer to learn how to do a flip. Now he just has to get up the courage to do it backwards.

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Mary-Anne said...

Yay! I love trampolines and I love the sun even more! It's been really nice here the past few days too, and I can't get enough of the sun! I hope it stays this way! :)