Thursday, March 4, 2010

Did I hear someone call for a Hero?

Yesterday my mom and two of my nephews, Ashton who is 5 and James who is 2 and a half, came up for a visit. Tucker doesn't get to see any of his cousins very often so he was excited when I told him they were coming over. He actually gets excited when I tell him anyone is coming over. We love visitors. They had fun playing outside.

Later we even went to the hero party at the library. I thought it started at 3 so I had the kids take and early nap and I thought we were going to get there early when we arrived at 2:50. Unfortunately right when we opened the door they rushed us in and said to hurry because they haven't put everything away yet. I guess it started at 2 :-(. But it was still good, the party ran overtime and the kids were able to do everything. They made spider treats, capes out of fruit roll up things, and colored police hats.

They had a police officer and his police dog, which Tucker was scared of. He usually isn't scared of dogs, but this was a big dog. They also had a fireman and a nurse (i think). For some reason none of the kids would try on the fireman clothes, I think they were still mesmerized by the dog. It was fun and I think the kids really enjoyed it.


DerrK said...

I got the flier for this event and I was going to take Leighton, but I totally forgot. Glad you made it before they put everything away.

Anna said...

that is so fun that they have events like that... how do you find those things out?