Saturday, February 27, 2010

Tucker Videos

This is Tucker following along to the first of the obedience cd's his Grandma Woestman got him for his birthday.

Tucker singing "I am a child of God." He thinks it is funny to say sent me there instead of sent me here. We plugged the mic into Bob's guitar amp and Tucker loved hearing his voice louder than it already is. After "I am a Child of God" he wanted to sing "Poker Face" and "One Time." We tried to get him to stick with "I am a Child of God."


Anna said...

so 2 questions--- does he listen that well for you and roll over when you tell him to? if only parents could have that same power all the time... hahaha

and when will he try out for american idol??

so cute! miss you guys!

Rachelle's Baby Bowtique said...

haha so cute!!

Laura Woestman said...

This is great. I love the picture of Tucker at the end of singing I am a child of God.

Grandpa W