Monday, March 8, 2010

Flash Back

My mom gave me a bunch of my old baby cloths. Most of it is made out of this really thin material that I guess they used make all of the baby cloths out of. Since it has been winter Penelope has yet to wear any of it. But, I found this adorable sweater in her closet the other day. It is obvious that someone hand made it for me when I was just a baby. So probably very close to 22 years ago I was sitting somewhere in Puyallup wearing the very sweater Penelope is wearing. Even though world was a very different place then my life was probably very similar to Penelope's life. I had a mom who stayed home with me all day, a brother who would have been about the same age as Tucker (along with other siblings), a Dad who went to work all day and came home to play with me at night, and I went to the same church with my parents that we bring Penelope to every week. And of course even though the world is changing, the gospel is and always will be the same.


DerrK said...

cute. AND she is also wearing a smile.

Talitha and John said...

soo cute, I think I remember that sweater!

Maria Ash said...

Wow! could she get any cuter? Nope, this is as cute as it gets!!!! So proud to say she's my niece.