Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Fried Ice Cream

Bob has been working the night shift 6pm to 6am so last night Kari and her kids Leighton and Audrey came over. I wanted to make fried ice cream like my sister Talitha made but we wanted to do it a little bit different. We actually tried to fry it. (Because it is filmed in widescreen blogger is cutting off the right side of the video, if you want to see more double click and watch it on youtube)

Needless to say, it sort of worked out. We made a huge mess and had lots of fun though. What we did was roll ice cream balls put brush egg whites on the outside then roll them in crushed cornflakes and brown sugar. Then we cooked them in oil.

I tried it again tonight, but I omitted the egg and just rolled it in brown sugar and cornflakes like Talitha did. It was good, but not as fun and it didn't have that crunch that frying it would have gave it, if it worked.

Just the kids singing a playing. (watch it on youtube so you can see Audrey)


DerrK said...

That's awesome! I still need to look up the recipe and try it again too. Fun Times!

The Abel family said...

Funny! I am pretty sure Talitha used my recipe :)