Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Igloo camping

So, a couple weekends ago I went camping with the older scouts up in Mt. Rainier. We were supposed to have 3 boys come, and then a couple days before we left all but one of the kids canceled. So it was me, another adult, and one youth. Which is kinda sketchy in scouting terms but the bishop gave us permission, it was his son who came. We got to where we wanted to build our igloo around 2:00 in the afternoon. Someone had given us this supposedly really cool igloo building tool that was supposed to cut out igloo building time by more than half. Unfortunately the snow was not very good compacting snow, so 6 1/2 hours later, around 8:30 we finally mostly finished out igloo. I think we got to bed a couple hours after that. Pretty much I thought it was freezing cold all night long. And on top of that we were told there was a very high likely hood that foxes might come into our igloo and wake us up my sniffing out faces. Anywho, here are some pics.
This is on the drive up to where we camped.

Here is Jon trying to make his snow cave, which later collapsed on him.

Garet kept telling us he was working hard, but everytime I turned around he had fallen down again. Here is during the build. Here is some pics from the inside of the igloo. It was about 8 ft in Diameter.
And the next day we stood on top of it jumping up and down trying to cave it in. Apparently you are supposed to cave it in before you leave.

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Maria Ash said...

Wow this is quite the event! The idea seems super fun, i'd just be SO cold i think i'd forget I was having fun. ;-) THat's really cool that you got to do it on Mt. Rainier. Who knew that the skills you developed making igloos in our front yard would come in handy!!