Wednesday, March 17, 2010

New Blue Bluebird mic

So, when we went down to Tacoma last week we also stopped at Guitar Center. As most people know, I love playing the guitar, but I also love recording stuff on the computer. I think it is a lot of fun. I have told doranda that in our next house I would really like to have a room that can be my recording studio. And I made an excel spreadsheet with all the equipment I would like, and how much it cost. Recording equipment is not cheap. But anyways. So one of the things on my list was a nice vocal studio microphone. Eventually I would like to get a couple different microphones, but I decided to start out with this one. And by start out I mean I already have four other mics. :-) The Blue Bluebird. It has taken me about two or three months to finally buy this mic. I have been wanting it since about Christmas. The companies name is blue, and all of there mics perform above and beyond stellar. The Bluebird mic is designed to do really well on vocals and acoustical instruments. I had a scout trip last weekend, so I woke up at 5:30 on friday, which was my friday off work, so I could try out this new mic. And boy was I impressed. This mic was awesome. I re-recorded the You and Me song by Lifehouse, that was Doranda and I's wedding song. And it was like night and day. It sounded so much smoother and cleaner and all around just more naturally warm. So I am excited to spend another couple hours playing around with the mic. Here is a pic from off the Blue website. Isn't it pretty?

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Maria Ash said...

Should I tell Russ that you got this? he will be so jealous and want one too!!! It sounds like it works great. I wish we lived closer so you and Russ could record stuff together. Russ wants a sound proof recording studio when he grows up too :-)