Thursday, March 11, 2010

Trip to Tacoma

Yesterday we did a short family trip out to Tacoma (just under and hour drive). It started out with a funny conversation with Tucker.

Me: Tucker get your shoes on so we can go pick up daddy.

Tucker: Pick up daddy! Like a baby? (giggles and the arm gesture of picking someone up).

Me: No, in the car.

Tucker: Daddy heavy. He big. You drop him.

Me: (laughing) Just get your shoes on you will see.

So our first stop after picking up Bob was to go to REI and get our Vibram shoes.

 They are supposed to be amazing.  They say it is like running barefoot, which many people believe is better for your joints.  I am a little skeptical because they look weird and I had to save up over three months worth of clothes money to get them.  I hope they were worth it.  Bob always has knee problems so he really wanted some.  I just needed running shoes.  Click here to read more about them on their website.

Our next stop was guitar center.  Bob bought what I would call a ridiculously expensive microphone for recording.  But he saved all of his birthday and Christmas money for it.  He might post more about it later. The cool part was when we were walking out to the car a salesman from the store came running out after us and told Bob that he forgot that his mic comes with free headphones.  Aparently they are nice ones and Bob is really excited.

The next and last thing we needed to do was stop in gig harbor and buy a 55 gallon water barrell for food storage.  We actually need at least two, but fitting one in the car was a challenge enough.  We will have to get the other one next time.  I found a guy who sells them for only $25.  Here is the website.  They only problem is that you have to go and pick them up yourself.  He told us we would be able to fit one in the backseat and one in the trunk if we tie it down.  But since we had two kids in the back we couldn't fit one in either of those places.  The only place we could fit on was in my seat.  The front passenger seat, with it leaned back a lot (which Tucker didn't like).  So i rode the rest of the way home in the back with the kids.  It was kinda fun.  Bob didn't like the fact that he couldn't see out of the right window or mirror.


Sarah said...

Danny always talks about how he wants to get those shoes. You will have to tell us how you like them!

Anna said...

Samuel wants me to get those shoes for running... you will definetly have to let me know how they turn out!

Anonymous said...

Wow! My kids saw these and totally want them! We are back up and running so come visit our blog. Stacey Woestman Weller