Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Just Dance!

Just Dance is a really fun wii game we played at a friends house for FHE on Monday. I know we look ridiculous, but hey it was fun. I can't figure out how to play the whole thing on the blog, it cuts off the sides (me). So if you want to watch the whole picture just double click on it and watch it on youtube.

This is really embarrassing, but for some reason I can't help put post! Feel free to stop watching.

Try to ignore me moving the camera around.

Remember, this was our first time. It is kinda funny how we banished the kids so we could play. Adults have to have fun too. ;-)


Mary-Anne said...

Ha ha!! That looks like so much fun! I've been wanting to try that game, but we haven't ever tried it yet. Maybe we'll have to get it now. :) It really looked fun! Oh, and I could see the whole video on your blog (it didn't cut off the sides). Fun, fun! :)

DerrK said...

My sister was mad because you couldn't see me in the video I took (was it planned, she'll never know) but as I can see, you've captured a clear view. I think next time, you and Bob get to move more to the center so there is no cutting you off.