Sunday, May 30, 2010

First tooth ... teeth!

Yesterday I noticed Penelope has two teeth coming in on the middle bottom.  You can barely see them, and getting a picture with her mouth open is virtually impossible.  Maybe this is why she has been so fussy for the past couple of days.  Or maybe it is because she is hungry all the time because she is refusing to drink formula and I am refusing to nurse her as often.

Tucker always says the funniest things so I thought I'd quickly share a few before I forget and he grows up.
1. He calls the garbage truck a fire engine.
2. He spilled on his shirt and I asked him if he thought he should change.  So he lifted the spot up to his nose, smelled it and said, "no, it not stink."
3. Sometimes when he wakes up from his naps he stands inside of his room and knocks on the door while asking if he can come out.
4. Every time he sees a yellow car he says "that a robot car, that Bumblebee." (He has never seen transformers.)

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