Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Yesterday for Family Home Evening we went Geocashing.  For those of you who don't know what it is, it is like a treasure hunt for adults.  You put the coordinates into a GPS and then you find some kind of hidden capsul when you get there. There are tons of them everywhere.  The two we did yesterday are both within a couple of blocks of our house.  Here is the website that lists the Geocashes.  It was really fun and Tucker loved it too.  Isaac and I are going to see who can find the most before he leaves on his mission at the end of June.  Does anyone else want to join our competition?

This is the video of our first ever geocache.  We went on our way home from our jog.  I did some editing (I know it is still long) but we were looking in the spot for about 10 minutes.  (double click and watch on Youtube if it is cutting off the right of the videos)

This was our second geocahe and it was one was really easy.

I'm hooked on Geocaching and would recommend it to anyone.  Especially if  you have kids.

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DerrK said...

Oh we love geocaching! That's how dave proposed to me. We have yet to do it with the kids though, although we talked about it just a couple weeks ago. We'd love to get in on a competition.