Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tucker's Brithday!

I can't believe he is three already.  He has grown up so fast.  I fee like he is going to be in school before I even know it.  Tucker had been excited for a while for his birthday to come.  He was especially looking forward the the play kitchen he knew he was getting for a present and the cake.  He always kept saying that he wanted cake.  Tucker got to open some presents early at grandma's house and he had a lot of fun doing it.  This is a tool set he got from his Aunt Layne and Malachi I think it was one of his favorite presents.  He got lots of neat presents from family and friends.  I want to say thanks to everyone from Tucker.

Bob and I got him a play kitchen for his birthday.  I actually got the hutch for free at a swap we did in our ward and converted it into a kitchen.  I painted it, added new hardware, put in the microwave sink and stove top.  I also cut out a hole for the oven door and moved the hinges so it opens up like an oven.  Bob helped me with the harder things like cutting the wood for the microwave but other than that I did most of it by myself.  I am really happy with the way it turned out.  I really like the pots and pans and silverware we bought from ikea. 

The night before his b-day bob and I blew up a bunch of balloons and put them outside of his door so when he woke up he would know it was his birthday (we did it last year).  Well, it didn't go as well as it did last year because this time he woke up in the middle of the night because he had to go to the bathroom and started crying in the hall because he couldn't get to the bathroom and peed his pants.  Next year I'll remember to not put the balloons up until morning.

We went to the park at around 10 but other than that I spent most of the day making his cake and getting ready for the party.
I had so much fun playing with the fondant for this cake.  I think fondant is like playdough for adults.
I think Tucker had fun at the party.  We didn't really do anything except let the kids play and eat cake and ice cream.  Luckily it didn't rain but it wasn't sunny out either.


Mary-Anne said...

Oh my heck, that cake is SO cute! Good job! Glad the party went well. :) I can't believe he's 3 either! He is getting so big, but is still so cute!

Carrie said...

I'm so sorry we had to miss his party but I love his play kitchen that you made! Someday I want to make one for Brian, I'll make sure to come to you for advice!

DerrK said...

The little kitchen and your cake turned out awesome!!! Kudos to you!

The Carneys said...

Doranda! You are so crafty!! I am super impressed! I love the play kitchen and the cake! Both are amazing!

Maria Ash said...

O my word Doranda! You have so many talents up your sleeve! What will you pull out next?! Tucker is SO lucky to have such an awesome kitchen! And that cake is incredible! Looking at those pictures made me wish I was there!

Anna said...

Love the cake.. what kind of fondant did you use? and that kitchen you made... i may copy you on that one some day! :) miss you guys!