Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Yesterday we joined the YM/YW activity and went to a Blue Jackets game.  I think they are the local college team.  It was fun except for the fact that we were facing straight at the sun.  Tucker didn't seem to notice though.  He had a blast.
Notice my hair?  I did the underneath red.  I really like the red.  The only thing I am worried about now is it clashing with my clothes especially the pink ones.  Which are about half of my wardrobe.  Even while writing this I am wearing a purple shirt and it doesn't look very good on me.

Here you can see him yelling a the team.

His own form of catch.

I took this picture after I painted Penelope's toes today.  Which did not go well by the way.  The painting wasn't so bad.  It was the holding her still part that she hated.  She screamed her head off while I tried to keep here hands and feet away from anything else for a couple of minutes.

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DerrK said...

Now you know why I don't where a lot of pink. lol But it looks good on you. Next time, I dare you to do your whole head. ;-)

Penelope will soon learn, beauty is pain. HA

So wish we would have gone to the game.