Friday, July 2, 2010

Trek pictures

A picture is worth a thousand words. That would make this a pretty long blog post.
The bus ride over was 6 hours.  None of these pictures are stage by the way.  We weren't even aware they were being taken.
This is probably my favorite picture.
Blain did an amazing job taking these pictures.  Click here to see more trek pictures or his other photograpy
The church property we trekked on, called Bing Canyon, was 8 miles long by 30 miles wide.  The church rents most of it out for farming.  This is just one of the many reasons why the church is not going to run out of money.
The area was really beautiful if you didn't focus on the thistles and sage brush we were trekking through.
This is where we crossed the water.


Mary-Anne said...

Those pictures are amazing. What a wonderful opportunity and experience you got to have! (Though I don't know if I'm envious... :) ) You should have some of those pictures framed!

DerrK said...

Amazing photography! Hey Doranda, I didn't know pioneers had sunglasses. teehee