Saturday, August 21, 2010

5K Fun Run

This morning we ran a 5K fun run that our stake put on. It took us 27 minutes and 47 seconds, which is by far our fastest for that distance.  Bob even pushed the stroller most of the time (I pushed a little) so the kids got to do the race also.  The first mile was pretty hilly so we were totally worn out at the very beginning but it was only 3.1 miles so we were able to just push through. I even got second place for the girls!  I am not sure if Bob placed although he did finish at the same time as me and was the only one who pushed a double stroller. Pushing the stroller uphill is so hard! After the 5K they had several shorter races. 

Tucker got to run 25  yards in the 4 and under category.  I think he did pretty well.  He thought it was fun.

Last week on Wednesday I helped do a baby shower for my friend Carrie.  It was fun.  We played a game where I cut out a bunch of babies from a magazine and celebrity heads from another.  Then I glued the celebrity heads on the babies and put it on construction paper.  We then passed them around and everyone had to try to write down the celebrity names.  It was pretty funny.
The only thing I got a picture of was the cake I made.  Needless to say, it went better than my birthday cake.

On Tuesday I got to take pictures of my sister's family.
These are just a couple of my favorites.
Names from left to right: Amery, Jarom, Dallen, Jim, Tianna, James, Evan, Ashton.
It was good practice for me.  I still want to get much better.  I am learning so much about how to use my camera everyday.  It can do so many cool things, I have a lot to learn.
On this picture I put the Family Proclamation over the top of it.  I have a similar picture of my family in our bathroom.  I am trying to learn more about photoshop also.


Mary-Anne said...

I love the jumping picture of the Abel's! So fun.

Anna said...

love the cake! did you use the marshmallow fondant for the ribbon look on top? or did you find a different one?

Swift family said...

Pretty talented! We'll have to have you take our family pictures sometime.

Doranda said...

Yep, I used the same marshmallow fondant. Although the bow did fall kinda flat.

DerrK said...

Showed L the video of Tucker and at the end he says, "Yea Tucker ran up to me to say hello."

The Abel family said...

Thanks for taking our pictures! I know it is hard to get 8 people and a dog to cooperate :)