Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Kitsap Fair

The kids and I walked over to the Kitsap county fair this morning.  It is free before noon and we weren't doing anything so we decided to head over.  For those who don't know, this fair is tiny compared to the Puyallup fair.  It took about one hour for me to walk through the whole thing.  And that is without playing any games or going on any rides.  I think Tucker's favorite part was the animals.
I think the babies are the cutest. 
My favorite part was when I stopped at the Marine booth.  In past years I have gotten t-shirts form the army for doing push-ups.  I haven't been to the Marine booth and I don't have one of their t-shirts so naturally I had to stop and ask how to get a shirt.  They had a pull up bar set up and directed me to a sign that had times and prizes on it.  The top prize was the shirt and the time was 70 seconds.  I had to hang in the up of a pull up position for 70 seconds.  I was kinda intimidated because there was no different time/prize scale for girls.  After what I thought was about 10 seconds I started getting tired so i asked the Marine how long it had been.  I couldn't get a straight response out of them all I kept getting was 'keep going!!! you're almost there!!'  And I kept saying 'I can't hold on any longer, whats my time?'  I really wanted a shirt so I held on until my arms felt like they were going to fall off then I finally gave up thinking I was defeated.  Somebody said 'how long was she up?' the reply ... '120 seconds.'  eeerrrr those tricky marines.  I would have stopped at 70 seconds if I had known.  Now my arms are sore and the uphill walk (pushing the double stroller) wasn't fun.  The best part was when I walked by later, on my way home, they shouted, 'hey there's our champion, you know you still have the record?'  I bet know that it has been a few hours someone has beat me.  I want to go back with Bob and see how long he can hang on.


Mary-Anne said...

Good job on the pull up bar!! are strong. I bet I couldn't last 10 seconds. :)

DerrK said...

Fabulous! That is just awesome. We saw a guy holding on the bar and Elyse and i looked at each other and just laughed because we couldn't do it. Although, we didn't try....good for you!!! Ditto the pushing the stroller, it wasn't a double, but both kids were in it. Oh my gosh it was HOT!

Sara said...

That is so AWESOME! Congratulations on your shirt - you certainly earned it!