Thursday, August 26, 2010

Cute Kids

Yesterday I was feeling like I really needed to get out and take more pictures.  I really want to be better and the best way to get better is to practice right?  Bob is such a good sport.  Even though taking pictures is not his favorite thing to do he was willing to take the kids to the park with me so i can take pictures.  Thanks Bob.  I was getting very frustrated with Tucker though.  It is so hard to get him to stand still and stand where I want him to stand and look where I want him to look.  I guess I am asking a lot of a 3-year-old.  I think we both would have been much happier if I just followed him around and tried to get more candid shots.  Oh well.  I think I need to get older people to take pictures of.  I would love to take engagement pictures or senior pictures or something like that.  It would just be for practice of course and I wouldn't charge anyone.  I just need more willing people.  Anyway.  Here are the pictures I took last night. 

She is so beautiful.

I thought this couple was so cute.  I hope they don't mind me taking their picture.
It was actually funny because when I took this picture of Penelope I heard that couple say that she was cute.
Thanks family for letting me take 140 pictures of you last night.


Mary-Anne said...

Oh, your kids are SO cute!!! I just LOVE the picture of Tucker kissing Penelope!! How adorable.

DerrK said...

I too LOVE the picture of T kissing Penelope. That's one for the wall! To take pictures of kids is hard. But these ones turned out very cute!

Ryan and Jules said...

Hey next time you're in Spokane before November you can take pregnant pics of me! Plus its been like...2 years since I've seen you. Tucker was a baby when we had that bio class at byui :)

ben and melody said...

so.. I read your blog :) I think your pictures are so good! I love the one of your two cuties in the middle where he is kissing her cheek! So adorable! Ben and I are moving to seattle next week and you could practice taking pictures on us if you want! hope you are doing well!