Saturday, August 28, 2010

Alllllll Abooooard!

This morning we went to ride the Live Steamers train at a park in Port Orchard.  This was our first trip out there and I think the whole family really enjoyed it. Tucker's friend Leighton was celebrating his fourth birthday.  I (since it is my new obsession) decided to use it as an opportunity to take more pictures. 

The train looks small but it took us on a nice relaxing scenic path through the woods.  It was probably about a five minute ride.  And the best part was ... it is free.  They run on donations.
I think all of the kids who came are in this picture.  We got to ride the train a few times.
Tucker was very excited about the whole thing.  He loves the show 'Dinosaur Train' and this reminded him of it.
We also had fun celebrating Leighton's birthday.  The kids had cake and ice cream, opened presents, and played.
Leighton's mom even set up an obstacle course for the kids.  It was very cute.  Happy Birthday Leighton!


DerrK said...

Those turned out cute! I have yet to upload my pictures yet. I am glad you guys were able to make it. Thanks!

Maria Ash said...

THis was a great birthday idea! Great pic of the railroad tracks!