Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away

It is raining today and it is pretty cold.  People think it rains a lot here in the Seattle area but I don't think it is that bad.  I did some research on this and you want to know the areas that get the most rain? 

5.Juneau, AK with 54.31 inches
4. Jackson, MS with 55. 37 inches
3. Miami, FL 55.91 inches
2.New Orleans, LA with 61.88 inches
1.Mobile, AL with 63.96 inches

You know how many inches Seattle gets?  37.19  That's not even in the top ten.  It is not even close.

If you look at the average number of days with percipitation Seattle is up there with 155 but so is Burlington, VT  and Cleveland, OH.  Why don't they get a bad rep?  Juneau, AK has 222 rainy days.  Sault Ste. Marie, MI  has 166 and Buffalo, NY has 169.

I think the Seattle area is one of the most beautiful places in the world to live.  We have so much color here with the water and all of the green trees.  It doesn't get too cold in the Winter or too hot in the Summer.  We have Mt. Rainer, the space needle, and ferry rides across the sound.  I do want to try living in other places aside from Idaho and Ohio but I am enjoying it here in Bremerton while it lasts.

I've wanted an umbrella like this since I was a teenager and a couple months ago I saw one at target and had to get it.  Today is the first day I used it since I did buy it during the summer.  And I say the word 'use' loosely because all I actually did was open it up and go in the front yard and take pictures.


Bob said...

No one talks about Juneau, AK's 222 rainy days because no one knows how to say Juneau.

DerrK said...

That's funny! And way cute umbrella. I normally don't use an umbrella, but happened to today to walk to a VT appt. You could have taken my picture with a bright yellow over the head gear.

Mary-Anne said...

Cute umbrella! I think people talk about Seattle maybe not because of all the rain, but because of how overcast it is all the time. I think that makes it feel like it rains a lot more than it actually does. It certainly is beautiful, though. I do miss all the greenery!

Lorraine Butler said...

Did you know that Bremerton gets 52 inches a year? That's a LOT more than Seattle's 37!!