Thursday, August 5, 2010

Two more days

The marathon is in two days away!  Wow, how did it get here so fast?  I am excited and scared at the same time.  The longest run I have done was 12 miles and I think that was about a month ago.  This week and last week we haven't been running much at all.  We have been following our training schedule.  I think we are supposed to be saving our energy or something but it is nerve racking.  This week our longest run is only 3 miles.

Right now we are carb loading.  Which is really fun.  Basically we are just eating a lot of carbs, it is supposed to improve our performance during the run.  Typically for breakfast I am having whole grain oatmeal, lunch whole grain bagel, dinner tonight is going to be spaghetti and anytime I want a snack I grab a role or a piece of wheat bread and put some peanut butter on it.  Most people gain a couple pounds because of this, but I am not worried about it. 

The race starts at 7:30 AM this Saturday.  We were planning on parking at the end (Tacoma City Center) and riding the shuttle to the start of the race.  The last shuttle leaves at 6:30 and we don't want to risk taking the last bus.  That means we would need to leave our house at about 5.  Wow that is early.  So instead of getting the kids up and meeting my mom where we parked our car we are going to sleep at my parents house and leave at 5:30.  This way the kids can stay sleeping and my mom won't need to wake up and meet us at 6 in the morning either.  I doubt we are going to be able to get a good nights rest before the race.

On another note Penelope had  a doctors appointment on Monday to check up on her growth.  In case you didn't know she weighed about the same at her sixth month and ninth month appointments.  Good news, she gained!  She now weighs 14lbs (I'm not sure what the ounces are).  The doctor is not very worried because she is gaining.  Bad news, she is under the first percentile for weight!  I know that she is small but I had no idea she was that small.  Now I am worried about it.  One thing I am not as worried about is her lack of movement.  She doesn't crawl, scoot, roll, or any of the above.  She can stand and hold onto things if I prop her up but she hates it and screams the entire time.  The doctor agreed with me on the point that basically she is lazy.  It is not that we give her whatever she wants it is that when she tries for something she will only try one time and if she can't get it she wont try again.  The doctor checked her muscle tone and said that it was great.  So she is strong enough.  She is completely happy just sitting (especially on my lap).  Maybe one day she will decide that she wants to move.  But for now she acts as if the idea hasn't even crossed her mind.  I think it is adorable how tiny she is, especially knowing that she is coming up on a year in a month and a half, I only worry about her health.

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DerrK said...

Yea, you don't need to worry about gaining anything. And then the marathon would probably take care of what you do gain. :)