Monday, September 6, 2010

Books Books Books

I love reading and wanted to make a post about it. That sounds weird to me because when I was in high school and younger I never wanted to read.  I don't know if it is because the kids are so stressful and there is something so relaxing about reading or what but it is one of my favorite things to do.  That is if I have a good book.  Almost everyday when I get both the kids in bed for a nap around 2 (best time of the day) I lay get a book, snack and snuggie and lay on the couch.  The house is practically dead silent; which is a sound I am hearing for the first time all day since Tucker wakes me up saying 'mama i'n hungry'..

The most important part about reading is of course the book.  I always have a couple books I am on hold for at the library and I try to time them so they all don't become available at the same.  I rarely buy a book, the last book I bought was Breaking Dawn.  I find most of the books I want to read on a site called goodreads.  It is this amazing site that categorizes books very well people rate and recommend books.  The last good book I read was the Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins.  It is the third in the Hunger Games seies.  I think the Hunger Games is one of my favorite books of all time.  Generally I like young adult fiction books although they are all about high school drama, which i don't necessarily want to read about.  My problem is that all of the adult books are either boring or have inappropriate content.  So if anyone has any book suggestions for me I would love it.

I saw a friend do this and thought it was cute.
I also have a rule for myself when it comes to reading and that is that I can't read my book until I have already read the scriptures for the day.  It works so well for me.  I have never read the Book of Mormon so quickly before!

When the kids nap and I get to read it is like a chance to start my day over.  All the stress of the morning just doesn't matter anymore.  Often I will find myself falling asleep so I just put the book down and don't fight it.


DerrK said...

That is one thing I liked about my mini vacation, was the time I got to read. Great pictures!

Rebecca said...

I do exactly the same nap routine, down to the scriptures before book! I love reading your comments/ recommendations on Goodreads, although I haven't been good at it myself. Please keep it up!