Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Exercise class

The start of fall for a lot of people means back to school.  One thing that comes with the kids going back to school is the start of exercise class.  Tuesday was the first day and it was rough.  The work out was hard, but it is my own fault for barely exercising since the half marathon.  Penelope cried whenever I got too far away from her and Tucker wasn't exactly being nice to the other kids.  Besides all of that I am grateful for the other women who attend. We are just a few girls in the stake who meet in the gym every Tuesday and Thursday at 9:30 am.  Tristalene is our leader and she usually comes up with the tough routines get me so sore I can barely walk the next day.  Everyone is welcome and it would be fun if we got a few more people there.  We are all at different levels and we each just go at our own pace sort a speak.  We bring toys for the kids and let them run around in the gym with us.  It is fabulous and if we didn't have it I would probably be in a lot worse shape, or spend a lot of money at a gym. The class creates a routine for my day, especially if I didn't have anything planned besides laundry and grocery shopping.

These are just some pictures I took a couple of weeks ago that I haven't posted yet.
I love my family.  Tucker and Penelope are so cute with their matching red hair.  I wonder if we have any more kids if they will all look the same.  Or if we will have an odd ball child with blond or brown hair or something terribly normal like that.


Voices of the Graves said...

My sister in law has two children that have red hair and two children that have brown hair. We think it's kinda funny because it's every other kid that has the red. Anyway. You take really good pictures. I hope to make it to the class on Thursday. See you there.

DerrK said...

I think maybe you should just start for another baby so we can all find out the make up. :) And I don't tell L that I go to exercise class now that he has preschool. He'd be upset that he can't play with T.