Sunday, September 12, 2010

Fair Day!

Last Friday we went to the Puyallup fair, it was free before noon, like usual so we decided to take advantage of that.  There were so many things to do and so little time to do it and we didn't even go on any rides. We saw and petted lots of animals.  We probably spent over an hour in the halls looking at all the vendors.  My personal favorite is the shammy (sham wow), we didn't buy one, but one day we will.  Bob and my mom ate earthquake burgers, they were huge but for $10, I don't know if it is worth it.  We even went to the hypnotist show.  They got a new hypnotist this year who I don't quite like as much as the previous one but it is always funny to watch people at weird up on stage.  I earned the Army's last t-shirt by doing 30 push ups.  Tucker and Penelope rode in the stroller the entire time and were very well behaved.
There is so much going on in the picture you know you want to double click it and make it big.
The Puyallup fair scones are always very popular.  They are more like a bisqute to me and I don't know why everyone loves them so much, but every time we passed a stand selling them the line was so crazy long.  the people in color are in line and if you look to the top left of the picture you can see where they were selling the scones.

We didn't end up getting home until after 6 that night.  It was a long day of walking around, but I think everyone enjoyed it.  Going to the Puyallup fair is one of our families favorite traditions.


Anna said...

whatever you do DONT buy a sham wow. samuel got some and they are no good!!!! looks like you guys had fun!!

Mary-Anne said...

Oh, this post kind of made me a little sad that we weren't able to go to the fair this year. It's by far my favorite fair! :) I'm glad you guys got to go and had fun,though! I can't believe you got another Army T-shirt. You're awesome!

DerrK said...

If you would like to borrow our sham wow. Dave likes them and some how got a free one and it sits in a drawer unused. And I was debating on whether or not to skip the fair, but after reading your post I think I'll attempt to go just me and the kids.

Doranda said...

if you go with the kids make sure you see the dogs because in the back they have St. Bernards pulling little carts the kids can rid in.

Also I fixed the pictures so you can double click them to enlarge.