Monday, September 13, 2010

It finally happened!

In all actuality it happened twice before but I have been waiting for this to happen again since the first and second occurrence back in January.  What am I talking about?  You guessed it Penelope rolled over.  I know she will be turning one next week so she is a little behind but I was so happy for her I wanted to post about it.  It happened on Saturday and it was a complete accident.  She actually started crying because I think it scared her.  And unfortunately she hasn't done it since so she is not yet to the point where she can do it on purpose.  but she will get there.  I thought she would be there much sooner because she did roll over twice in a row back in January and we have been doing tummy time faithfully. I should have known when she barely moved in my tummy or when she was a newborn she was very content just to lay and watch, or when she got a little bit older and she was happy just sitting and watching.  Anyway now she is at the point where she reaches and reaches and reaches when she wants something and she can even turn a little while on her stomach but she has yet to make any forward movement.

The good news is that I wanted to get some footage of her moving a little and she just happened to make the big roll while I was filming. Good job Penelope.

I also took some footage of Tucker and debated if I should post it after showing Bob he said that I definitely needed to post it.   After 'just dancing(the wii game)' to this song it has become Tuckers new sing around the house song.  Enjoy.

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Voices of the Graves said...

Yay Penelope!
Tucker is too cute singing.