Saturday, September 25, 2010


You know those times in your life when you feel like you are not meant to cook anything, ever?  Ok, maybe that is just me.  I read a couple cooking blogs and I like to make deserts and i did use to work in a bakery but for some reason it just seems like cakes and cupcakes are out to get me.  I have been trying to make these snickers cupcakes for Penelope's birthday party tomorrow and everything is working out fine except for the caramel sauce.  I tried to make it three times and now I have given up.  The first time I don't think I cooked it long enough because it never turned brown.  The second time i think i cooked it too long because it turned a dark brown and it is semi chunky.  And the third time was in between but still very thin and yellow.  I have been working on these cupcakes since noon (its three now) and at least one hour has been devoted to the caramel sauce.  I am almost done, once the caramel sauce is done i basically only have to frost them.  thank goodness for Bob who is at the grocery store right now buying  caramel sauce in a jar.  At least this way I can save myself the aggravation of failing a fourth time at making caramel sauce.

You know this reminds me of the time when I made cupcakes a couple of weeks ago and I brought them in the car to deliver to people but because it was hot outside the frosting melted all down the sides and made a big mess.  Or the time when i tried to make oreo cupcakes only to find out while I was eating them (after I gave some away) that there was little tiny pieces of the butter wrapper (the foil kind) mixed throughout.  Thanks for that one Tucker.  Or the time when my birthday cake slid all around in the car and I threw it in the garbage.   Or lastly the time when I messed up a huge twenty pan batch of brownies while I worked in the bakery. 

I really wish I could make delicious beautiful treats like I see posted all over the internet and at Sis. Martone's house.  They say that time is the great equalizer.  Maybe I just need another twenty years to practice.  I just don't know if I have the patience. Look back tomorrow or maybe monday for the finished cupcakes.

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