Monday, September 27, 2010

1st Birthday Party

Yesterday we had Penelope's official birthday party.  Local family came over and we first played games while the kids napped. Then we ate dinner and got the birthday girl up for the fun part. 
I wanted to involve her as much as possible so we passed her around and let everyone hold her then we had everyone guess her weight to see who was the closest.  She didn't really like being passed around, but she did ok.  I think John won that one, according to our scale she weighs 17.5 lbs.  Then we played a game where I grabbed a bunch of random toys and showed them to everyone.  I had everyone write down which toy they thought she would pick up first.  Talitha won this one when she grabbed the blue rubber toy.  Then we all oood and awed at her first year video.  I am not posting that yet because it is not finished.  I hoped to have it done for today but I can't find my flip video camera and there are a couple more videos on it that I want to add.

Next we did presents.  She was a little timid when it came to opening them but Tucker was glad to help.   I think she was still shy with all the people watching her.

Lastly we ate cake.
I made delicious snickers cupcakes and we also got a free cake from Albertsons.  It was her first time eating cake and I think she liked it although the frosting she didn't like.  She doesn't like it when things get on her hands and she can't get them off.  Just like bubbles in the bathtub.  She hates them.  Anyway, she refused to get messy but did end up eating most of the cupcake.  I took a video but since we couldn't find our regular video camera I used my camera camera which I haven't really done before.  The quality is all messed up because I didn't realize that I needed to focus it until about half way through.  Sorry.  She also did not want to wear the birthday hat.

In this next video you can see she is getting the hang of eating it.  She always tries to share her food.

Over all I think the party was fun for us and kinda scary and weird for her.  I don't think she liked having all the people over and all of the attention.


DerrK said...

That is too funny to see her push away her present and not like the frosting on her hands. Next year will be totally different. And it was awesome to see Penelope drop cake on the floor and Bob picks it up, puts it back on her tray and she eats it. HAHA Happy 1 year Penelope!

Anna said...

SO SO CUTE!!! wish we could have been there!