Thursday, October 14, 2010

Corn Maze

We went to the Minder Corn Maze yesterday afternoon.  I was planning on going for FHE about a week and a half ago and we got already but when we got there we realized that it was closed.  It is only open Wed. through Saturday.  So instead we went to the nearby put put golf course.  It wasn't the best course and there were barely any obstacles but Tucker had fun and I somehow still managed to loose my ball.  It seemed like everyday since then we have had something going on.  Today we rushed over right when Bob got home from work because he needed to be back for scouts and 6:30 and we needed to squish dinner in there sometime also.

I love this picture!  I wish we could take pictures with everyone in them.  Sometimes I wish we had someone to follow us around and take pictures of us, but then I realized how weird and creepy that would be.  Anyway, we had fun doing the maze.  It was my first one and Tucker had fun deciding which way to go.

 Here he is showing us the way.  He was very cute running around with his boots on the wrong feet.
We made it to the end with out much difficulty. It would be neat to try out a maze that is about 3 times as big that Bob and I could actually get lost in.

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Maria Ash said...

love these pics! Kate has rain boots too and she always wears them on the wrong feet :-) What a fun idea to let Tucker choose the way, i bet he had a blast!