Wednesday, October 13, 2010

She Scoots!

She may be slow but she can officially move around and I think she knows it.  She has been moving a couple inches here and there for a while now but I've noticed a huge improvement in the past couple of days.  And today I was surprised to see her scooting across the room! It was actually funny because I set her down and was on the computer while Tucker was watching cifford.  I figured she was just playing with toys like usual and when I turned to look at her she wasn't there.  haha.  She is always right where I put her.  I guess not anymore.  She had moved to over by the couch.  In the video you can see she moves a couple of feet.  Great job Penelope!


Lorraine Butler said...

Welcome to the land of the mobile, Penelope!

Is that a toy guitar I see in the background????

Michael and Denise said...

Hurray Penelope!