Monday, October 4, 2010

My mom brought up all of my old pictures the other day and I thought I would post some.  As you can see baby me looks nothing like either of my children.  It is kinda funny how dark my hair was when I was born because it did lighten up rather quickly.  I spend a good part of the morning going through the pictures showing Tucker.  It was funny to hear which ones he thought were mommy which ones he thought weren't mommy and which ones he thought were boys (those aren't posted)
 In some lights my hair looks kinda strawberry blond.  I guess it does run in my genes after all.
I think this hat one is probably my favorite.  It was taken for a photo contest at the mall.  I didn't win but I think I got runner up.
The center one was my senior picture.  And that is the last time I have been to a professional photographer.  That was over 5 years ago.


Anna said...

i totally think tucker looks like you. especially in the middle group of pictures, the top one on the right (the small one in the red and black outfit) totally looks like tucker!!!!

Lorraine Butler said...

I think your kids look just like your kid pictures, too, but not your baby pix. Tucker doesn't look like the more mature you, though. Maybe he will!