Sunday, October 17, 2010

The weekend

Well, since no one I follow has been making  new posts for me to read during the kids nap I feel forced into making another post myself.  I was slightly disappointed with the how long it took some of my family members to figure out I was pregnant.  Maybe now they will read more frequently.  Haha.  I went down to Puyallup yesterday for my brothers birthday party.  He is 17 already, and the last one at home for my parents.  What are they going to do when he moves out?  I feel like I already am planning for what to do when the kids move out.  Probably travel more, get a fancy high paying job and move to a big city where Bob and I can live high up in a building and walk everywhere we go.  I don't really know, but that sounds fun to me.  We will see what I think in 20ish years.  While in town I had the opportunity to get my hair done by my talented sister.  I chickened out on going totally red but I really like the highlights.
I love how it turned out.  Thanks Talitha!  It was my birthday present meaning I had extra hair money in the budget and I was able to buy expensive (for me that means not the cheapest thing at the grocery store) shampoo and conditioner.  I am excited to try to get my hair to a more soft and less damaged state.  It is so great to have siblings and in-laws with occupations I can use.  So far in the family we have (some still finishing school) a hair dresser, a lawyer to ask legal questions, a phycologist for if I go crazy, a mechanic who can fix my heater, a dentist who can fix my teeth, and several moms who can teach me how to be a better mom or take over for me if needed.  I know there is more but for some reason that is all I can think of at the moment.  Please don't be offended if I forgot you or messed up your occupation.

Here is a picture of Caleb's birthday cake.  My mom made it.


DerrK said...

I didn't notice your hair at church. But I didn't really chat with you either. You've now dyed your under hairs red and highlights throughout your trip home you have to do the whole head! :)

Voices of the Graves said...

I really like your hair. I think you can pull of anything with your hair. It all looks cute.